Media Enchantment and the Real World

I recently received a pair of e-mail announcements from The Economist magazine (I’m a happy subscriber to the print edition). The first message indicated that an electronic version of the magazine was now available for the Kindle e-reader. The second was that the latest in the magazine’s ongoing online debate series, on “Israelis and the… Continue reading

Social Media Consulting Du Jour

Great piece today at by Anthony de Rosa about social media consulting ( It rightly shines a light on the important and often very lucrative role played by consultants these days as corporations realize the necessity of strong social media connections with customers. The point is that during these transitional days, more traditional corporations… Continue reading

Honda’s “Power of Dreams” Online Films

I’ve been viewing the short films online at Honda’s “Power of Dreams” series ( While very clearly advertisments for Honda, its history and current operations, the films can also be alternatively smart and inspiring, brimming with au courant ideas of management, risk-taking and innovation. (One does wonder, of course, how many of the ideas are… Continue reading

Andrew Lih, _The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World’s Greatest Encyclopedia_ (Hyperion, 2009)

Opening this account of the history and current reach of the World Wide Web’s phenomenally successful encyclopedia is a foreword by Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales. In it, Wales speaks briefly of some of the values guiding the project: individuals doing good, trusting each other, and using old-fashioned standards of clear writing and reliable references. His… Continue reading

Ruins of the Second Gilded Age

Amazing photo essay by Edgar Martins from the NYTimes Magazine (July 5, 2009) on the what the US real estate boom has left behind. It’s a strangely unsettling group of images, both unavoidably nostalgic for pre-bust days of irrational expansion and eerily still (and depopulated) in their uncertain drift toward the future. Gives pause about… Continue reading

A Broadband Plan for Whom?

Julius Genachowski was finally confirmed last week as the Chairman of the FCC. Today, he presented, “The FCC and Broadband: The Next 230 Days.” A bold action plan for expanding broadband across the country? Maybe. Eventually. Right now it looks more like a primer on bureaucracy and abstract project management. (The presentation is available at… Continue reading