Saying ‘Innovation’ or ‘Creativity’ Is Not Enough

“What’s the opposite of innovation?,” the joke begins.  A tart punchline quickly follows: “Innovation consultants.”    Since I teach, coach and sometimes consult on innovation and creative leadership, that cynical joke gives me pause.  Consultants of all kinds are easy marks, of course, whether they are from well-known global firms or one-person shops.  But it… Continue reading

‘Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration’, by Ed Catmull, with Amy Wallace (Random House)

At first glance, the new book about Pixar, Creativity, Inc., seems like a deluxe version of the account of creative enterprise and management with which we have become increasingly familiar.  With war stories of perseverance and eventual success in the market, hard-won advice on how to overcome obstacles to creativity (as promised in the subtitle), and a… Continue reading