The Awards for Creativity in Advertising We Should (Also) Be Giving

It is again time for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.   Formerly known as an ‘International Advertising Festival,’ the annual event’s official name was changed in 2011 to reflect the rapidly changing fields of brand marketing and creative communications and to embrace the innovation increasingly emerging from adjacent industries based in technology and client… Continue reading

Balancing Clarity and Uncertainty in Leading More Successful and Creative Teams

One of the most important trends in leadership, especially of creative organizations and tasks, over the last two decades, is arguably the shift in attention from firm-level to team-level or project-level design and management. About team leadership, especially, there has been a range of immensely valuable insights generated and best practices shared by the likes… Continue reading

Collaborating Better

In a recent piece in the Financial Times (FT, March 15, 2012), Ross Tieman addresses the challenge of moving effectively “from teamwork to collaboration” ( Successful collaboration today, he observes, requires a fuller capacity, often guided by emotional intelligence, to work with individuals with different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and geographical location. Being a good… Continue reading