Recommended Readings for Creative Leaders for the First Half of 2014

The new year has seen the publication of another crop of probing and provocative titles on economics, business and society.  Driving the most sustained public discussions thus far have been works on the inequalities driven by and increasingly defining the current economic system.  Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (Belknap Press) is the magnum… Continue reading

Beyond Numbers of Doom: Effects of Film #Piracy, including Economic Benefits, Industry Re-structuring, and #Creativity?

Two fascinating pieces by @CarlBialik about efforts to better understand the effects of film piracy appeared in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.   “Studios Struggle for Focus on Film Pirates’ Booty,” details how film studios, primarily through its industry association, the MPAA, is working to update the research basis of their insistent claims of the harmful… Continue reading

Essential Ideas about Creativity in 2011 (I): Steve Jobs – Perfectionism, Process, and Tweaking

One of the persistent themes of writing about creativity and creative leadership in 2011 has been that creativity is less about generating new and original notions, product or services and more about tweaking or associating existing ones in unfamiliar ways. That theme isn’t entirely new itself, of course, but it runs against a fairly common… Continue reading