Political Incorrectness is Not a Standard for Creativity

Amidst coverage of Kevin Roberts’ remarks last week about the gender equality debate in advertising being “over” and women lacking “vertical ambition,” the Financial Times’ Matthew Garrahan stood out for drawing direct connections to widespread beliefs about creativity in the industry. His August 2 piece opens, in fact, by recalling some earlier comments made by… Continue reading

Leadership and Luck: Fortune favors the hard-working (and decisive and flexible and trusting…)

In “More luck than judgment,” in today’s Financial Times, Morgan Witzel draws together a range of perspectives about luck and its place in business and leadership. Many of the varied voices in the piece circle around the familiar understanding that those who commit to hard work and preparation make their own luck. However, an important finer point involves… Continue reading

Where will you find your ideas? The Ideas Economy and Moving beyond TED

In the Financial Times this weekend, April Dembosky writes about Richard Saul Wurman, one of the creators of the TED conference, and his new WWW event:  http://on.ft.com/SXqtXS .  WWW doesn’t stand for anything specific; instead, it refers to a list words starting with “W”: “wanderlust,” “warming,” and “wizardry” — evidently in order to emphasize the fertile openness of the… Continue reading

Collaborating Better

In a recent piece in the Financial Times (FT, March 15, 2012), Ross Tieman addresses the challenge of moving effectively “from teamwork to collaboration” (http://on.ft.com/AvTvF4). Successful collaboration today, he observes, requires a fuller capacity, often guided by emotional intelligence, to work with individuals with different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and geographical location. Being a good… Continue reading