16 New Books for Creative Leaders to Begin 2016

The opening months of of 2016 will see a shelf of new books containing research, insights and proven experience that promise to support better creative leadership.  The topics range widely from learning, disruption and uncertainty to the execution of strategy and the creativity, non-conformity, and gender equality in organizations.  All the following titles are scheduled… Continue reading

New Fall 2015 Readings for Better Creative Leadership

2015 has already been a year of excellent and helpful publications for leaders wanting to improve themselves and their motivation and coordination of creative teams, projects and businesses. Some, like Herminia Ibarra’s already essential Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader and Stanley McChrystal’s powerful call for agility and cohesion, Team of Teams, highlight… Continue reading

Learning and Leading

For many leaders, the commitment to learning – both their own and that of their workers – is a given.  We all recognize the value of learning, after all, embracing different experiences and perspectives and encouraging opportunities for our teams or organizations to learn more about our work or ourselves so we can perform more… Continue reading

More multitasking…in the Digital Nation

Last night, PBS’s Frontline broadcast a 90-minute program called “Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier.” The website has actually been up and active for months and was Frontline’s first multiplatform project. You can watch the entire program online. Frankly, though, it is the website, with its multiple links, fuller-length interviews, stories submitted by the… Continue reading